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Birthday Party at PPK

We had Will’s birthday party at Pinnacle Parkour Academy in cherry Hill. Will absolutely LOVES American Ninja Warrior, so this was a really fun place that is a gym for parkour, but also has kids parties. Surprisingly they had a… Continue Reading →

Tonight's build: Santa's visit Lego set. Comes with cookies and a cat 😺 Peanut completed it all by himself 😊 #legopeanut #legocat A post shared by Lauren Cassie (@blinkilite) on Nov 30, 2016 at 5:14pm PST

I love that Peanut loves math 😊 #endofkindergarten #peanutisrad #buddingmathlete

Lost tooth #4 tonight. All on the bottom πŸ˜€


For months, Will has gone to swim lessons each week, and complained of the chemicals burning his eyes. But he outright refused to put on goggles. I tried to show him mine, to offer to take him to the store… Continue Reading →

Pusheen, by Peanut, age 6 #pusheen #peanutisrad #coloring

Peanut lost his first tooth at school today πŸ˜€ #peanutisrad #firsttooth #itwaslooseformonths

Peanut got reader of the month for last month. I am so proud of him ^_^ He has been working really hard learning how to read and trying to keep his focus and pay attention. It’s paid off πŸ™‚ Congrats… Continue Reading →

Snow Day 2016

First real snow day of 2016… we got somewhere between 12″-18″ throughout the day yesterday…Β today it was nice and sunny and all the neighborhood kids were out having fun. It all happened over the weekend, so no one had off… Continue Reading →

“Mommy I wrote the numbers up to 1000” he was so proud of himself. 😊 #peanutisrad #mathboy #kindergarten #hedoesthisinhissparetime

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