Today we visited the Franklin Institute. It was a great time to visit, because we got to see both the Jurassic World Dinosaur Exhibit and the Robot Revolution robot exhibit. Will liked the robot revolution part best. They had little things showing robots doing all kinds of things. Some you could control – like some had a joystick, and you could make the robot climb the stairs. Or others where they had robots playing soccer. They had 2 teams, and the robots could sense where the ball was and where to “kick” it into the goal. They also were aware of their teammates, and wouldn’t pass to the wrong robots. All self aware, working on their own. They only needed a helper when the ball got stuck in the corner. It was really cool to see. Of course there were all the other neat things too. Will really liked the giant rube goldberg machines, and the old trains and planes. We had a really fun day. πŸ™‚

this is a set up they had where each block did a different thing, and you had to logically put them together to make it into something that worked. Here Will makes a little train, with the wheels on the bottom and a battery block to make it move. He’s my budding little programmer. πŸ™‚