Life Lesson #1: always put your Target prescription bag white-side up in the cart.

When shopping at Target, if you get a prescription. DO NOT place the prescription bag red-side up in the red plastic shopping cart. You will more than likely leave your prescription in the shopping cart like I did. Only to freak out when you get home and have to drive back to the store and pray that the Target store employees are not jerks, and nice enough to bring it to customer service. I am so thankful I didn’t lose a month’s worth of medicine, and that the Target people are nice. 🙂

Life Lesson #2: always check size on the shoes in the box, not just on the box.

When purchasing a pair of shoes for someone else, you just grab the box and go. I did open the box to make sure both shoes were inside. They were even wrapped nicely like they were brand new and not tried on. But I didn’t notice until I got them home to try them on my son that the box said size 13 but the shoes inside were actually a size 12. Always check on the shoes too! not just the box. 🙂

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